One of my ex’s, I joked with her and called Ms. Mabellline. Spent so much time primping and preparing for dates, I just SMH (this was the 90s).

One night I said let’s have shower sex, which we did which indeed did suck because there was no seat in the shower :)

When it was done, we went to bed, and the next morning I grabbed her face and stated.

This is what I want to see in the morning: no lip liner, no blush, no mascara in your eyes. You don’t have to color your hair or shave your thighs. I want you, as you are right here and now.

If we are too last, I want the girl and woman here (I placed my hand on her chest). If you’re going to wear it, I won’t complain, but you are doing it for you.

The sad part of the story is we broke up the next week because she felt I was trying to control her.

I realized at that point; I dodged a bullet as a man.

I still believe this now. I would rather see a woman like you state, rock her profession, have time for an extra workout, get a day spa, do whatever makes her happy.

Then have to spend time shopping for the product and applying it all.

So be proud of your gray hairs, your woman warrior stripes on your stomach and thighs. Your wrinkles on your eyes look sexy when I was a man do actions and show desire so that you genuinely want to want to smile.

If someone judges you and they claim they are a man, laugh because it is funny the beauty products and wigs to the biological male are putting on his face to try to replicate something he isn’t.

I, for one, will take a natural feminist or fiercely independent woman who wins her battles and comes running down the beach towards me. Because at that moment, I realize that I am the luckiest person on the planet to be able to love womankind.

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