One of my favorite things to do. I am a man of size with a very thick and meaty hands. I can give a zing, be playful, or leave a mark through pants.

It is a reason why when I am in a heated argument with my partner if she raises the discussion to high levels (you know what we mean about those arguments), I generally take a step back away from her.

During play with partners (prior to my current partner), my favorite thing to do was to have her go get her favorite vibrator and kneel in front of me and tell me what she did wrong and tell me how many spanking she felt she needed and how intense.

I then would alternate the intensity based up on how she acted and reacted and how I felt and I would use the toy on her at the same time. My favorite position is on a bed with her over my knees with her hands and feet on the floor. If they came up …. I restarted the set and increased the intensity.

If she was a good girl at or near the end she would get placed face down on the bed and I would mount her and whisper in her ear ….. god your hot ass truly is hot and I love how it feels on my hips.

As a submissive …. I love seeing a woman giggle as she unleashes it all. Make me cry, make me hurt take me to the next level. I want you to have a workout and lose weight and as my therapist called it “saintly sadism”. I would also say take the pain of the patriarchy or men or people from your day out on me …I consent to help you relieve it.

The fun thing is one of my greatest physical assets has been my ass. I have had black girls chuckle and say damn there is a black boy that is mad at you since you stole his ass …. to a friend who stated holy fuck I just want to smack that

In my current relationships though my partner loves smacking it and when she is mad she states I so want to tan your hide, but then I remember you actually love it so damn you.

This year though we do birthday spanks …. since my partner is no fan of it, I changed to birthday hugs since that is what she likes …

To each their own …. and thanks for the share I hope you didn’t mind mine.

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