One of the issues you may find with folks that say WTF ... is the binary and yet amorphous view of the single word "success".

Women desire (IMO) authentically confident partners, who take action in their lives to achieve non-pleasurable goals. The success you talk to is about starting the process of something, executing on it, and no matter the end outcome they succeed.

Guess what ... men desire the same thing too.

The odd thing though if one does the relationship dance as to ambitious people in silos, there will be deep desire and thirst, but if a male partner is taking care of his health, educating himself, working hard and long on the job, and working on his masculinity too.

There will be little time left over for the relationship. There comes a point, true success is when both "alpha" like and individuals "stop", and reset what they want from the major project called a relationship.

That means working out how they are both there for each in intimacy, supporting the relationship, and figuring out how to allow one partner to reset when shit gets hard.

It also means stripping down the provider versus nurture, and finding that balance between the two individuals genders and sexuality also.

Work Experience, education achievement, buying things, or what kind of credit or money ones has means $0 in the intimacy and relationship department.

That I believe is a major blind spot that women are learning (yeah team women) as they lead. One can do it all, but then they realize it isn't one has achieved more of X (pick one from the list above) paragraph), but because one failed epically on the relationship work.

That being said, it is a good call out on desire from a feminist woman's perspective. Make note that I am a feminist guy ...

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