One of the tell tale signs that you have this is you are willing to fall asleep with them and actually do something the next morning.

If there is awkwardness the next morning, it is a sign of not being a FWB.

Those in open relationships (my belief with looking outside into them … no judgements from me) is when one combines Romantic love with FWB. If a person in this relationship configuration has to hide it or the partner is ambivalent it is a fuck buddy situation for one partner that is being done to help eleviate an issue in the romantic one.

People and society creates a lot of hard boundaries because people in reality are very immature and lack the ability to communicate their love and mind and soul with not only their partner but friends ….

It is ok if people are weak and learning and growing. The only time it is not ok is when consent is violated or people weaponize shame and blame because their fear is too great.

Great article from the past and you definitely from your writing are an old and curious souls with a lot of love to give.

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