One of the worst strains are those that use a form of gaslighting called sealioning and then combine it with a "my risk analysis" is better then yours.

They aren't debating you are absolutely correct, they are wanting infotaintment since their lives are so small.

I took the time with one sad soul who found a doctor that supported his claim that his doctor said it was not acceptable to force vaccinate. Why, because vaccinated in essence becomes super carriers.

I went and found the doctor scientists talking points, the bill and everything with. I went through and called out the website source with the bunk person who wouldn't give his name or education and then called out the doctor sources he used (which BTW none of them was in infectious disease)

I even covered the theological view from a Roman Catholic position. I spent three hours.

His response ... I just saw it on my social media feed, and he didn't research it or vette it.

What sucks about today's environment is some words can't be used, but I do believe it truly fits.

These folks including anti-vaxxers (without a medical exception) ....

You can't debate retarded bullies.

But for some folks that might get offended due understand that these people wish they could even get to the intellectual level of those that were not given the full gift of intelligence, but have good souls. These folks neither have a good soul nor a brain. They are a conglomeration of all of Dorothy's friends on the yellow stained road of life ...

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