One wonders if we separated the definition of sex to consensual intimacy which would imply both partners orgasmed from sex. People have intercourse that in a lot of ways represents mutual masturbation with a twist or Masturbation++ to emulate the software world I come from.

As a guy the temptation for the easy way out with porn has never been greater and with guys bathing in it from their first orgasm all the way through to the start of partnering it is no wonder women are like say fuck it.

To help reinforce my feminism education I decided to watch Handmaidens tales, and to me the powerful message was shown in the perversely dark and awful “ coupling “ scenes through the start of basic sex (only on the first season). I take this from all the discussions and then overlay birth rates and metoo … guess what we are creating the biological equivalent of that biological plague.

As for falling birth rates to society (stepping away from the individual), the key things people miss in a big way is that all of social program s (as weak as they are) are predicated on having a birth rate in the 3–4 range, along with export based economy, and raising wages. We don’t have that now nor have we for several decades now. So people may need to understand their will be no retirement, and no safety net. As such, women won’t feel safe, men will feel threatened and down the toilet bowl of life we will go. I hope/pray that I am wrong.

Thank you again for a wonderful article.

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