Part of my healing from trauma was realizing that it was the female warrior in me that was defending the shattered glass boy who was pounded into silica.

I and others may have thought my assertive and aggressive positioning was purely masculine driven, but in reality it was my female 1/2 being a fierce mama bear defending the broken boy in me.

Through therapy and becoming a feminist, did the powdered boy get reformed into the gorilla glass boy inside of me and then he relearned how to fight and be strong again.

Now I have two warriors and the female warrior in me can rest and the man can take over in the protective roles and now I can work on blending the two into one human soul.

house work and other things is just adult work. There is no such thing as a mother or fathering ability but one of parenting and raising a child.

Respect and embrace the genders, just don't define acts of adulting as a gender ....

So to my partner now and if it fails (because nothing in life is guaranteed) ... to the next great mate watch out ... because not many men respect both the female and male within a biological male body ....

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