Part of what I have learned through personal and more public sharing and reading is that … this is ok and awesome!

A close personal friend of mine told me “honey if you work things out so it can be opened up in your relationship or you are single … I so want to be the first one to make you lose it …”

It then hit me …. it is about the pride, the joy of service, the feel of taking your partner completely lose it all.

I had a friend way back where I used my tongue and finger and made her scream and shutter. When she was in bliss and we were spooning, I felt this warmth come over and me (and the head rush [ha]) while doing it that said … this feels awesome.

So it was like I felt her orgasm through skin-to-skin contact (when we spooned she was still shivering a little bit).

So I get it …. and now I am understanding (since my partner is a no-way to oral) …. a little bit more and this isn’t a bad thing …. your partner has to be a pretty happy person!

I know if my current relationship ended, it is something I would talk with future intimacy partners about prior to us jumping into bed (which probably would be a turn off for a lot of people). My friend with a few of my kinks stated … “sweetie you will definitely understand a watch what you wish for and you will be made whole” ….

Thanks for a fantastic share (again).

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