People are free to do this it is their right; however, expect every action and policy desire by the fact a DNC member to say it as a no.

Remember there about 100 million plus people that don't vote or care at all about anything, and if you combine it with 71 million people that will judge a DNC person just as they are being judged.

Expect people to take joy at your expense when and if things fail.

So M4A, Taxes, and anything else the DNC requires, don't expect it.

Watch people when told to wear a mask because a DNC person states it, will probably see that person and take it off.

Me personally, I am happy to see the joys in women and minorities seeing a face they know. I am also happy to be able to have voted for a woman presidential candidate.

That being said, as a Texan. I have zero faith in the US, the Flag or anything in DC.

I will trust my State and local officials, but anything from DC will require them specifically stating who they are, what they are wanting, and what they have to offer and give my state and myself. If the answer is for more money or to give away rights, then the my statement will be there is the state line walk out of her please. You are welcome to say if you conform to Texas Law, but if you don't the state line is that way ...

What you are exhibiting is called Tone Policing. It is not good in either direction.

It is grossly immature, and show shallow values and is closed minded. I am not saying it is bad to have those feelings, nor is it bad to state them. But a freedom is no longer a freedom if it impacts another's freedom. One can ask for concession, but to tell someone to get out of the way is authoritarian ...

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