People in our society are attracted to power, money, or pleasure.

Part patriarchy as one commenter callled out, part secular living in a toxic individualistic world.

He is the embodiment of our society, the question is with no moral firewalls how does one limit the fire?

Folks are right to call out the issues (110%), but call outs always need solutions.

As I was told in my career long ago, great "Al" you talk about the problems and find them all the time, but if you don't help provide a solution you provide nothing.

Social media has empowered everyone to be the town crier, who stirs folks to create a mob, that injects fear. Little is done to figure out how to empower the good and solid stoicism in men to do the right thing, and be the best of masculinity which also means learning to be empathic, vulnerable, and to be good partners with women and transgendered folks.

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