People should then stop self medicating and visit a doctor and if side effects are happening then report it and find a new drug.

People build tolerances and reactions to drugs over time and if a person is allergic and require something 24x7x36 they need to do so with a doctor.

Allergic response all generate with IgE and the cardiovascular system and there are new therapies available. E.g. I found out most 24 hour pills only really are formulated for 18 hours and unless you are doubling up people actually exhaust the drug.

I can empathize with folks plight but can’t sympathize if they don’t actively change their environment or food intake along with a doctors supervision.

I have severe Cat IV allergies and have a horse farm. I struggled with them with a cocktail of Allegra-d Zyrtec and Flonase.

Once properly diagnosed, I am on Xolair And Singular and I augment it with Dymista and during peak season add Allegra back in. Do note, I only put the last two in during peak seasons and trail off. I run Hepa filters and monitor my environment.

I am engineer based and took a science based approach to it with my Doctor. If a person is having a negative reaction they need to ask for help and find another drug.

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