People usually use their emotions of jealousy and project their envy in the worst possible ways.

Gee, I can spend hours on social media venting about why I don't have X, or I can take the time to learn a skill, make it happen, and then in my spare dull moments check out social media to see what is up.

People have no perspective, nor do they understand that work is a privilege, and there are choices people can make in life "if they step up". Hate the "man or woman" that is the big corp? Go be an entrepreneur but understand it is a lot of work, requires smarts, and discipline and go.

Agreed on the city vs rural. I get it. My internet cost which I ended up having to build out on my horse farm costs $807/month. There are a whole host of other issues I get.

M4A will suck even for rural folks. Why? There are literally not enough services to provide what is needed for the community. Unless urban centers willing cut their services and pay more to fund these areas, the demand far out weights the supply.

I know this because I have really good insurance, my immunotherapy bills run $40K a year, and I have watched the difference in service between me and others that fall into Medicare. I have watched the doctor who provides the service push medicare folks to the ER to get their monthly shot, while I am lucky to get it in house.

She even stated, she would drop out of doing it at all if things became like M4A because the costs suck so much.

I have friends that have lived in LA, they love it and they hate it ... it is just like every area in the country.

The thing is I would watch out though honestly, there is an economic tsunami that is going to flow if lock downs happen and roll through the holidays.

You will see it in your tax business, as folks may say, I need you for this year, but I am done for next ...

But do make the move, California is beautiful, but it is very costly in a lot of insidious ways.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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