People want what they don't have. We project our needs on others, and it can take many forms.

I believe the thing is every good relationship, every strong intimacy relationship, every committed relationship, requires friendship and connection.

When people have it they wish their friends and family to have the same joy as they do. When they don't, they project. This is far less of an evil than mocking and ripping down others.

America prides itself on in its independence, which actually maybe a projection of the fact that everyone feels alone, unconnected, undesirable, and unloved.

So while that happens, people look and either positively force people to feel happiness, or to long for it.

Which of course as we know is epically toxic.

As a man with a high libido, deep dark holes that I have had to put my stoic walls around so I could leave a single door to my heart. I also had to create a Pandora's box, where I put deep and intense love for others where boundaries are necessary.

I also put my other traumas that have escaped the abyss in it too.

Managing the emotions requires tending to the box and repairing it as it gets batter daily by the strong forces within it. Repairing the walls as the evil that wishes to consume me, is also necessary.

So whatever it takes as a man or woman to ensure boundaries are there and maintained is one of the most important thing you can do.

The way to defeat this is to admit the attraction in the most respectful way, talk to the person, work with the person and be clear, be concise and be direct with the person.

For if you truly love someone (and I mean love them), you will be their friend and respect them.

One also must realize that Pandora's box is will slightly open from time to time. No one doesn't have to explain themselves. The people that do have to are those that project, because if they do this they should have to answer ...

What is wrong with your life that you need to try to control mine?

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