Personally, I preferred taller girls and lusted after women with long legs and what not. However, the reality was there was not as many of them around where our personalities worked.

As such, I have a 5'4" redhead. Would have I dated a 6 foot plus? Definitely, and I wouldn't have been threatened, but the biological output in our culture does not favor the really tall women.

I believe the ones that are more prejudiced on height are actually women versus men. How many women have you seen state must be 6 foot or taller or would not give a shorter guy the time of day.

In my observation when I was dating, nearly every woman. If you were a short guy, you were usually left out and not desired "at all". Do note my views are from the Gen X range, but it sounds like it is similar today.

If you are desiring to talk about equality and what not, it still hasn't not permeated through the dating and mating arena yet (from what I have read). Men like women have a whole host of double standards when it comes to this.

But as for me I am a shade over 5'11" I never had an issue, and since I am Midwestern built (thick shoulders, ass and broad), even if taller, my wife and women I dated in the past all felt they safe due to my size.

But if we are to work on this from your vantage point, then women need to start dating more shorter guys and show as much preference as the long and tall "cool drink of water" guys they have preferences with.

Guys need to work on not objectifying which I believe is a bigger issue (versus height preference IMO).

Remember, men didn't come up with the three 6's (6-foot, 6-pack, and 6-figures) ... though we have our own horrible references.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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