Personally, the only place I can provide the deepest value is in sharing my experience as I am still learning and growing.

The one thing I would share to someone who has been exposed to trauma and that is a male is you do need to find someone to talk to and the more severe the trauma therapy is required.

Also do not make the mistake of trying to have a relationship during the rebuilding phase as it will lead to confusion and hurt with the person you are trying to connect to.

I do highly recommend for men to read up on feminism if they are interested in having a meaningful relationship with a woman.

A great intro book IMO is by Jennifer Rich — Modern Feminist Theory An Introduction. From there taking (and being strong enough with one’s masculinity), to then take some quizes on topics about what kind of feminist they would be is a good start. When guys would push back due to societal images I would tell them, you do you, but if you are a good and strong man, you should feel comfortable with understanding what a good and strong woman is.

In other topics, I also try to suggest that people shouldn’t judge others either. There are women that have a far stronger masculine spirit then some men and the same rule applies. Does that make them less of a human (hell no), it makes them unique and special and someone to be treasured. It is not often one can be able to learn and understand something that from a different view point.

Don’t know if that helped, hurt, said “huh” … but those are my thoughts from your kind and nice reply back.

On a funny note, after I took my first test/quiz after reading my first feminist book, it ranked me as a radical and black feminist. I shared that with a friend, who laughed (she looked at my responses), and stated damn you would be best friends with my high femme and I believe you two would hit it off. After she shared that I thought, you know she is right I would probably have a good wing person for going out with!

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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