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2 min readAug 25, 2020


Physically? On my front, legs, curves, hair and eyes (totally big time on the eyes).

But .... you want to light me up?

Letting me share and be open with all of my crazy thoughts, and fun things we can do in the bed together. Reversing the traditional society roles, giving unending pleasure to one another, and literally living with no walls (stoic) between one another.

What I observed is with the porn I consumed, it was seeing the glint of happy, the o-face of a liberated woman, and the raw desire "to take" what she needs, when she needs it, how she needs it, and god damn repeating it over like a teenage boy.

A running and sad joke in my household is I am more the woman as I desire and need foreplay and what not, and she is more like the guy. I am not talking a relationships like most, where you are taking 1 day - 3 years, I am talking decades and no I have not cheated on her sexually though the chances were always there.

So for better or for worse (and something I am working on) .... my mind is the greatest organ for manipulation. Lovers and my current partner knows, you will watch this blabbermouth and extrovert go "quiet", and go very animalistic when the right "strings" of life are strummed.

The thing is ... I black out during that time, I have no concept of any of it, and from what I have been told it is funny, shocking, amazing and totally unique.

So .... if in a traditional sense, a woman opening up her legs was the "end game", the new end game is having a man open up his legs to his mind and heart.

In some ways it epically sucks, but in some ways it can be a pretty awesome thing for a woman to be able to put that notch on the bedpost in her bedroom of love :)

I am just me, and I am a unique person so my suggestions may not fit all guys, but I do believe the opening of the legs for men .... is universal.



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