“Please, stop writing about what you may or may not care about because let me tell you right now, we absolutely do not care if you care or not.”

This is the best comment IMO. Folks need to remember this in return when women write about masculinity.

Men do not have the right or entitlement to tell women how to live and be, and they are free to live how they desire even if it is deplorable. The thing they will realize is with equality and independence, the only thing they will be entitled to is lower class partners that in the long term will not have high quality relationships.

Where I “feel” for both genders is when women feel safe, empowered, and independent and they desire to find an equivalent partner they wake up as time goes by to the realization of very limited numbers. As for men, they get to wake up realizing they are “2”’s on a 10 scale and the energy and effort to fix oneself takes a lot of time and energy, and at some point women will only have a one-strike policy (don’t blame women).

What ends up happening is folks become more and more disconnected, I truly hope things change since dark abysses are not a great place to be nor live.

Great article from a female perspective. Maybe some day deep and reflective discussion led by male perspective authors will flow through society, since without it society will never be balanced.

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