Pretty balanced article, so I applaud you on that.

In this situation, boys and men will only trust their kind as there is zero trust left.

People need to understand where women and others have had such a strong sense of community, men have none. It is pure fight or flight, and the sad and ironic consequence of raising the equality bar is now for boys and men left adrift … they see women exactly as men.

Every word and context matters when it comes to talking about gender and socialization, so if we step back and look at Gillette’s commercial, that act of definition and use of toxic masculinity empowered the 4-chan, 8-chan and a variety of men that just smile or grimace and cause the person defending it to be marked as an enemy.

This is the cost of not raising boys and men on the positive aspects of femininity while empowering girls and women on the positive aspects of masculinity for Generation X, Y, Z. Now given this roasting, we now can call the next generation …. Generation Kevlar ….

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