Relationships are like that. One can be up for renegotiations, but also beware people can also back away from the table also.

Cuckold/Stag relationships are not for everyone, and they are considered the intellectual fetish.

In people that live with conditional love or views, or believe in marriage/monogamy privilege, folks will see a the Cuckoldress or Hot"Husband" (instead of wife) as spoiled.

To each their own ... there are pluses and minuses to everything, as have you clearly stated. You are willing to give your husband everything he wants with the only condition being faithful to you.

Another way for folks to rationalize this would be as a sex worker, you know safe sex and it's practices and are very well versed. You know how to keep safe and clean, where your husband may not. So doing sex this way may actually be safe ...

Outside of that ... the only thing a spoiled (not really though) person like yourself needs is a good spanking, because I have always found no matter how alpha the woman, they always like an adjustment every so often ...

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