Melissa Kerman, IMO, Relationships with folks that have deep trauma (and gender does not apply here and in some ways, more women have this than men).

A person is in a relationship with two things, him and their demon(s).

So if you find that "beautiful broken boy", realize to invest in the person and not the demon, and empower them.

For the beautiful healed man from that boy, will eclipse most men in ways you can't imagine.

Why? They have layers, they can communicate, and they can empathize at levels equal and for some even deeper than women given the beat downs of the toxic culture of masculinity.

Remember men have no groups, no teams, no unity in this unfair world. Zero.

So to climb out of that deep dark rabbit hole where Dexter lives with his dark passenger is one helluva of a fighter.

For decades, I have been that beautiful broken boy, but for the past five years, I have been fighting out of it ...

So be well (and my poetry has references to the fight). Ironically, this was released in the last few days.

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