Remember providing is protecting, and a counter argument to her when she makes her comment about being a "man" ...

State, how would you feel if I stated I don't have the same desire for you because you are not feminine enough and your masculine attitude is a turn off. While I have no issue with homosexuals and believe in equality in all things, it is not something I prefer to do is have sex with a masculine person.

It probably wouldn't garner much love or peace in the house.

You should be proud that you have enough masculinity you can take on a non-traditional role, and still keep your shit together. I mean some guys don't get it, and snap and go deep red pill, go buy guns and do silly self-destructive things.

Roles change and relationships shift over time, and that is natural and ok. No one leads forever, and no one follows either, because otherwise it would be pretty damn boring and most relationships end.

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