Says who :) I have this at home where I have to hear about I am fat etc, and I continually say no.

Don't feel bad either this goes both ways. I had a friend of mine ask (and it has been asked before), gee Al you don't have many pictures of "you" up.

Same dark shadow that women have dealt with I have too. In fact, one of the few pictures I have on social media is when the FAs took a picture of me as I crossed the millionth mile on AA.

I felt good and I left it up there. In person with friends, I am different.

Worthless factiod to let you know I am not a prude. I won the nude olympics at my Alma Mater ....

They did a spread of it a few years later when they rehashed the past ones and the one I was in was memorable.

The quote that made the front page.

At sub-zero degrees, all men are created equal.

Lets say some days my humor-fu is strong, and with that I salute you!

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