Schedule regular calls with her or coffee dates, tell her you are hear to listen, and always suggest she can ask for your advice.

Also state options about counseling and therapy and addiction and support groups.

But in the end, her body, her mind, and her choice.

Folks will talk about politics and other aspects of it, and I would shy far away from that.

What I would focus on is the inability to communicate, empathy, and sympathy aspects.

If she is the main bread earner, then a move to NYC should be in order. Driving from NYC out in the morning and back into NYC at night is radically easier than the way she travels.

If he is Republican and Trump oriented, and if a Blue Wave happens.

Oh boy, she has no idea of what is coming. America also has no idea of what is coming, because the folks that follow that tribe has a deep well of anger that goes from 2001 to 2016 to draw upon that never got released properly.

Given COVID lockdowns? Oh boy doubly worse, since it has been documented abuse has gone radically up on women and children.

So be there for her with common checkpoints is my best advice.