SCOTUS pick is pure strategy. Barbara Lagoa is the best pick because it can fire up the base and neutralize DNC advantages. Take FL, OH, MI, Trump wins.

It is the same 2016 strategy, and one in my personal circles back in Mar 2016 I stated would have Trump win.

Nate Silver talks to this too Biden win by 5-6% popular vote only gives the DNC a 50% chance. 1% win = 7%.

If Trump wins the debates and Joe stutters and bumbles his way like he did in the DNC work, then oh my there is going to be a problem.

2020 .... a really really bad karmic black swan event year.

My adage has been this personally.

The election will not be won by Biden or Trump, it will be won by how well and human and empathically each tribe treats the swing voters, the centrists, and the apathetics who may vote for the first time.

It will be that simple.

Also, get out the vote only matters in PA, WI, OH, MI, FL. Voting in CA or TX or NY or IN etc ... matters next to nothing.

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