Sex will never fix chemistry

Chemistry will never guarantee good sex

Sparks can be hormones firing off

Communication is Queen

Openness is King

What I can guarantee is all of the sexual and gender stereotypes from both sides of the gender glasshouses, and those brilliant and beautiful souls that share both, live in houses that don't make sense or those that sit in the middle and say WTF neither?

Need to go, if one desires great sex and chemistry.

Talk first, get to know a person. It really does work, because you know what, better to spend the time on words and communication, and hell sext with each other first, before dropping the pants and dress and robes and "going".

If you are drugged, it is mutual masturbation, not sex This is ok! Just realize it isn't a real relationship.

Guys faults are documented from here to the moon, I won't go into it.

But my cheap seat, non-psychological degreed, bartender like view from the middle of nowhere would be.

If women desire edgy and crazy and amazing sex, empower empathy, sympathy, and emotional integrity and authenticity in biological males that show the potential and work on it.

I believe ( and I could be 110% wrong so shoot me ), that if more boys and biological males that are adults observed the most beautiful and smart and together women were with guys of qualities in this area.

They might start to try and mimic. Maybe.

I realized in 2020 this. I should have stuck to my guns of kindness and empathy and strayed from the bad boy view. Why? I would have appreciated and gotten to where I am now with women and people in my 20s versus now in my 40s.

Then my energy could have been set fighting the demons of society instead of the demons within my mind.

Now to that girl where we did awesome crazy stuff on the Beachs of the Bahamas and how I found out from a friend of a friend why I was missing a few of my shirts when I get back because she missed my smells ... I will never forget ... :)

How that started .... a spark and I whispered .. "don't worry I am a good Catholic boy, may I kneel now" :)

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.