Shaming someone for voting basically shows how poor the intent of the person attacking is.

Shaming an apathetic voter for not voting, without finding "why" they have given up is just as bad.

Shaming and Blaming a person's choice when they actively take the time to vote, basically shows how poor a salesperson, and how much a person and the group they represent fail at being human.

You may perceive yourself to be right, but it is a bully tactic, which may make a person feel good for the here and now, but it empowers an equal or greater negative response on the way back.

Ever wonder why the DNC may win an election and then in the next two year cycle fail? It is because the hate that is generated on the personal attack empowers a strong response.

We need healers, we need bridge builders, we need people to compromise for the greater good. None of those activities include shaming and blaming "ever".

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