So agree with this, if a man is partnered with a woman with low libido. It is critical for him to hold off. She needs to see his love through his action providing inaction in getting his pleasure.

I am not saying the man shouldn't orgasm; however, it needs to have her come first. If seeing her partner orgasm makes her feel bad. He needs to hold off until she is gone and then take care of it, but he also needs to be honest about it with her.

One needs to bring toys, touch, and sensation play. One needs to also hug and show affection through the day "and" the adage for men ... love a woman that makes you hard not make your life hard. The same applies to her. Help her reduce the stress in her life. Get that adult crap off her plate, and tell her.

I will do the dishes and cleaning, all I ask is you take this vibrator, go into the bathroom and love yourself. That is your job for the night, I will come see you when I am done with this.

I am kink friendly. This may disturb some, but if you are a "man" enough realize that you should also learn how to orgasm and feel alternative practices with your wife/partner that doesn't involve you penetrating her.

Will it be scary AF? Sure, but like I stated if you truly are a confident man, and own your masculinity you should not fear this because you are in bed with an amazing woman who loves you.

Why this is important is you need her to feel the confidence and empower her masculine spirit to bring you soft pleasure and make you work for your orgasm. You need to understand that foreplay and intimacy is not a guarantee for an orgasm. You will learn the hell she is living with and learn an appreciation. Remember men in kink have learned that men can be penetrated in the most interesting ways and the feeling is different and indescribable.

Remember this, when you are vulnerable like that, just like when your partner is vulnerable, you are now giving her the gift of the power of being the taker.

That may unlock and break down the stoic walls normally reserved for men, within the woman's mind, heart, and core femininity.

If you don't that is ok too. Just realize the emptiness you are feeling and the lust lost to time, is what a person is stating they prefer over being truly connected to a person they love.

Once you realize that, attack the fear and uncertainty, and realize the best place is naked with the person you love.

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