So if equality is fixed (goal I would love to see happen), then the next thing people will need to realize is that sperm quality matters tremendously. Currently the quality is dropping like a rock, and in another generation the peak fertility may require people coupling in their early to mid 20’s or not at all.

So if we take the tropish humor, I have the pussy I make the rules, will go away with blissful consent, but in it’s place will turn into I have functional balls I make the rules as women find out they need to go on an easter egg hunt for viable male candidates.

Some folks will applaud and say “yeah” men should own their reproductive faults, but what they miss out is most guy unless their partner desires kids, don’t care. Furthermore, making them stress about it actually worsens the sperm quality.

I do very much hope I am wrong, but unless we work together to get men who now are walking further away from society, and checking out even more (after the toxic masculinity branding and me too), children maybe a luxury and privilege of dreams.

The problem is our ponzi entitlement scheme in our country relied on a 3:1 ratio of making children and our planners still presume 2.1:1, when in reality that has only been achieved in 1972, 2006, and 2007 ….. (where we are at 1.7). Europe and Japan which has fantastic protections proves that it still doesn’t work and lays the foundation that men have lost hope and care for society and the future (1.4–1.6:1). Look at Japan. They are going to lose 1/3 their population in 30 years, and the remaining population 40% will be >60.

In the US …. California is at it lowest rate, and in 2020 may even lose an electoral seat. Picture that in 2020 and 2030, seats being moved from California to Texas …..

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