So in the tear down of the patriarchy be prepared for shootings and murder to go up over the next few generations. The only ones that can tame this are white men and via action they see no value in society to even care.

Using the phrase Toxic Masculinity shuts down conversation and prevents solutions for the future for a hyper majority of the lot. In a way discussion like this is like going to a rape victim who states they are lonely for partnership to “get over it”.

My only advice is different words and phrases are necessary to deal with as blunt coupled with shame and blame only acerbates the issue. Do note I am not saying you are incorrect in your analysis or wrong, but all articles like this do is alienate and empower the fringe edge which draws the insecure and fearful boys in society.

Male Toxic Personality Disorder would be a better way to say it as Toxic Masculinity group labels the entire gender in the same way that the Patriarchy did so with women.

If the term is to be used, then Toxic Femininity needs to be defined also in parallel so the yin-yang balance in understanding is presented.

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