So much agree with this, and if you told me 3-4 months I would have read with interest and said interesting but I don't get it.

Now ... oh boy do I get it.

Assume a guy feels a lot of stuff then blows?

Well I learned there is a point from 80-99% there if you can catch it and learn to stretch it you can make it just as good as the big explosion.

In fact, do it for a few days when you do it, you can two immense waves of pleasure.

I am a very typical guy, no special training of tantra or any of that.

I literally felt a wave start from the base of manhood roll through my legs and arms and up to my head and made my vision blur and work down.

I obviously had to stop.

Then I started after 3 breaths and I did it again.

Same wave ...

Now the fun kicker when I knew I couldn't take any more I stopped.

Then 10 seconds later, I dripped "male tears" and was like holy fuck. It wasn't a little bit either.

Then I stated shit this would be so much fun with my partner (too bad she isn't into any of this) or any loving human being with a strong female presence.

It was then I realized, with enough training I could probably implement this with normal sex and well ... maybe I could get into the happy land of making the penis out last the pussy :) on the battlefields of love :)