So much of this …. eye brows maintenance? I have a thing for a woman’s hair and eyes, but you know what …. it isn’t about the makeup or the work on it. It is the twinkle and depth in her eyes and the natural view of their hair, and BTW ….. natural color is 100% fine. Seeing gray actually makes me love the look more.

Do I get mad excited over a woman’s look? Sure, just like any CIS hetero woman goes wow over some super stud. I also learned some of the my raw desires are due to biological concerns … E.g. I am built with thick shoulders and a strong upper body and a thick ass; however, my legs and arms are shorter (not midget like though :) ) … as such, legs on a woman draw me in.

I figure this out, but you know what …. my current partner is a well proportioned 5' 3" woman ….. why? Her personality rocks, she is uber smart and independent and loyal AF …. She has red hair and she doesn’t color it (I love the gray fleks where she tells me it is me burning her out :)

If I were single, I have learned I have assests that are unique and rare for some, and as such I want a partner that compliments me and someone “that” is my partner. I want hot and wild and crazy sex, but we need to do the path together.

I don’t want a perfect 10, I want to build a perfect 10 in a relationship.

So while there are a lot of guys out there that the “D” is it …. good for them, but frankly I know personally they wouldn’t be my friend (unless I grew up with them), as I don’t do shallow.

Men are searching for a deeper masculinity and stronger and frankly only men and those that deal with it get it. We do need help from our female partners and friends, but a lot of the things that women believe that men desire and want …. are definitions of patriarchal society and supporting negative traits of men.

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