So much of this :) and welcome to the club of seventeen year old boys. I don’t know if I shared this in your comments section before but …

God is a jokester. You wanna know why?
(S)He puts the peak sexuality of men at 18 and has it degrade over time and access to sex and through longevity in relationships.

(S)He puts the peak sexuality of women at 30 and has it increase exponentially from the age of 18, and has it increase further the longer a woman is partnered up.

What a cruel mother/father fucker ……

It is wonderful for you to observe and be aware of the importance of this, because so many heterosexual couples fall into this trap. I have seen it with communication with female co-workers and platonic female friends I have been friendly with. They have all stated the same thing … their guy is usually the one with the headache or lacking desire.

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