So the solution if one is using apps is to have the pictures peeled back and make sure the word content exceeds the picture.

It reminds me of one spring break. Me and two other guys were in the Bahamas and three girls were flirting with us from across the bar. One of them had a perfect 10 face, but her body was a perfect 10 for body positivity.

She was really really into me to the point her hands were up my swim trunks making sure I didn't leave. Her friend was the shy one, very cute, but more plain, but her personality was top notch.

I politely "detached" myself from her friend and let her down as nice as I could (she ended up having sex with my friend), and I took her friend out to the beach.

I was missing a shirt after the trip and I found out from my buddy who slept with the perfect 10, that she slept with my t-shirt after. I wish I had gottent her details because the connection was real, but you know ... 90s life ...

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