So very much agree with this, and in fact it is her liberation, confidence, and undying love for her primary partner that makes her the best of the best.

Folks don't seem to understand that Cuckold style realtionships (hotwife/stag/etc) are intellectual fetishes where there is a lot of mental mojo at play.

It doesn't mean that the partner is unscrupulous with dishonesty and all of that, it actually is the opposite.

Why? Because even given the deepest and darkest and most delicious things, they still come back to the primary partner and love them completely.

Also, as a guy ... anyone man that thinks they are weak, is showing projection in ways that isn't even funny.

Is it for everyone? Hell no. Is it ok for say someone to say nope I am monogamous and that is a-ok, but this type of person should not bask in their own glory or judge with their 50 flavors of vanilla view.

In reality even with this fetish it can be roleplayed in a couple setting with strap-ons, extensions, and all that ... and that is all that matters.

Two people doing crazy happy stuff together, 100% honest and 100% enthusiastic consent.

What impressed me most about the stock picture of yourself is the confident twinkle in the eye, which says ... I am a woman who knows what I want when I want it and I have confidence in my partner.

Game on ...

Thanks for the article!

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