So we found a commonality, women have fears over safety and men have fears over rejection and abandonment. From discussions with guys who were hurt, for every one that didn’t feel adequate down there, and where one women stated it didn’t matter, there were at least two that stated it did.

One is a priority and one isn’t and around and around we go the merry go round of life.

Both are a priority and both need to be dealt with; however, given humanity if we took a magic wand and fixed all of women’s safety issues … I can bet you dollars to donuts this would never be solved and the response would be the equivalent of “suck it up buttercup” and stated women have dealt with fear men need to have generations of fear to compensate.

Proof to the statement: Selective Service in the United States.

I do realize and appreciate the previous statements are bitter, and safety for women trumps fear of rejection big time, and if only one problem could be solved I want women to feel safe, secure, and whole as a priority. That being said, even if equality happens I am highly dubious this would be an issue women would care about at all.

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