So you do a few statistics and you make the assumption with grand labeling that they have given up? Prejudice much? Bigoted against Americans?

Projection and fatalism are two dishes you love to serve, and yet provide little to no real solutions. Googling and doing raw statistics as an economist based person in a science and viral type of view says what? 4 static graphs using a linear model with no R statistic …. yeah um ok …. viral outbreaks are exponential in basis, so at this point if you were an engineer I worked with I would send you back to test and refine your data and analysis and write up more because this attempt fails.

Anyone that did the math back in March would have realized with our average age of the population of 60 year olds above the world average is twice (16% vs 9%) that, large scale obesity, and other ailments would have realized that this would happen. The infection and death rates will be 3–4x the world average in this country. IF it is less that means there is success happening, not epic failure as you provide.

How about you write about Sweden? Did they give up since failure to do social distancing. So if you were to attempt to do this New Zealand to the left and Sweden to the Right. Also comparisons need to be relative. You need to use “all of Europe” to compare the US to them because population sets matter.

So to help you …. you need to take the population of Texas and California to compare it against Italy. If you compare New Zealand ….. you Compare Dallas Texas ….

Stick to doom and gloom of the economy …. that seems to be more your strong suit, and also remember if one provides no solutions they are just a glorified town crier, kind of like the commander in chief of twitter ….

America hasn’t given up, much to your personal desire. People are trying their best even if it sucks, and are attempting to do the work. It may behoove you to understand that deep analysis and education is required in issues like this …

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