Society and folks need to glorify nerdy things and geeky stuff over sports players and singers/actors/actresses.

High Tech work is not easy. It means people working inside at a desk for 60–90 hours a week, with little interaction with people. It means taking the time to understand R, learning how to code, it means doing statistics, and it means doing a lot of very unpopular science and math.

It means a mind shift for people.

As for the funding aspect you are 100% spot on, there needs to be money and resources because tech isn’t cheap and if a person is struggle at substandard schools (frankly all public schools fail now at educating), worry about your personal safety, worry about having a home to live in, or hell food on the plate.

Wondering how you disassemble a mac mini to do upgrades so you can extend the life of old tech for years …. isn’t going to happen. Why? knowing you have to buy a T6 security screw which costs $5.95 won’t happen.

The hard part of tech is the more technically adept someone is, the more socially damaged they are. It is an adage I have seen in high tech. The things talked about diversity and what not are next level skills in societal communication and handling. Quite a few tech guys barely have the ability to get a date and maintain intimacy with partners, knowing how to manage what you are asking.

Is it acceptable or an excuse? No. But we also need to remember not everyone has the skills or intelligence with the drive to do this work.

Thank you for the very thought provoking article.

FYI, I have very high bars for people that I interview and work with. For me the balance is making sure that folks unlike my identity have a chance. The real reality though is trying to help people understand a lot of times no matter how hard they try they will need 2–4x the typical 10,000 hours to gain competency in fields like this. It is hard to see the look in their eyes when they fail, but I get it too … just like I epically sucked at basketball …. no matter how much effort I put in … I just shifted to do something else.

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