Society needs a balance of femininity positive based traits and masculinity positive based traits. Men desire to be authentic, real, and positive in their own way, which balances the traits that have been defined solely by women over the past few centuries.

From the point of the patriarchy, yes you are right more female-led and feminine-based views are required, where it is lacking in American Society.

What is happening now in line (I agree with the author's view), is men are leaving and running from the fight. A vacuum occurs where the only men that stick around are of the toxic variant. They disengage, leave and run. The absence of balanced and authentic male presence, in equal amounts of female presence, is leading to a "thirst" that leads to unsavory elements coming in tainting society (think of the toxic culture of masculinity being equal to saltwater).

So my comment, which was derailed while I processed your comments, was also meant for men also. Men are thirsty to be real, good, and positive, but when there is a lack of models and worse the environment is 100% toxic, the ability to mimic better behavior is "hard".

I appreciate the position you and others have been in when "men behave very badly", so when personalization and generalization occurs I work through a process (personally) to try to communicate.

As for me, I don't run from this fight within masculinity, but I also know sometimes the best thing one can do is communicate and try to use the best words possible.

In my personal life (which you don't see), I constantly have to deal with traditional stereotypes in the area I live. E.g. we have workers in to repair things on our farm, the guys that come in always defer to me, and I have to point them back at my wife. I attempt to dial down the "stress" that occurs with them, by saying if it is electronic or software or computers ... I am god. If it is mechanical or building things, she is the "god".

I have a bunch of books on feminism I attempt to read and research, along with supporting women in the background. The problem is though, I look and sound very masculine (which I am), and I consistently work on creating the space and time to ensure safety for those I communicate with.

There are some things that happen to women, that have happened to me also, so I get it, but in some ways, I don't because of my privileged stance as a white guy.

As I stated before, now that I have had time to process "everything", you should take the time to write an article and share your thoughts and views. If you are concerned about your grammar, use Grammarly to help you out, and live, love, learn, and grow.

Lastly, if you get to this part :) … if I offended you I apologize.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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