Sorry your morning was ruined with gender based generalization of the most not awesome kind.

I fell into these traps as I educated myself through feminism. I never realized later how it impacts a human being to be put on a pedestal or labeled.

In retrospect, it showed how shallow I was in my ability to relate to another. It made me sad looking and made others mad. Most guys are completely unaware of this.

Now one could say I desire a fully liberated woman with intelligence and grace and sophistication that has the patience and kindness to want to partner up with committment through the thick and thin.

But instead ... for some all that comes out is a "real" woman.

I follow several transgendered women, because I find them attractive because of the struggles they have fought through, like I have with my pain and healing.

You should see how some of the men treat them in return, just as bad to possibly even worse. It is epically sad.

One I made the comment on a feed that if they were interested in gaining her attention they should learn to communicate better with more respect.

Women don't deserve this, and men that act like this don't deserve to be with women ....

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