Spot on article, as a natural switch the confusion some women had with me just would gobsmack people.

But you dominated and made me feel like a really special submissive little girl and I loved it. Ok, can we switch it up? What? are you gay?

I lost track of how many times, that phrase was used, I shit you not.

One who came back to me after we broke up (and of course me being thristy at the time said yes :) duh dumb me) and we started to talk ...

My last statement to her was are you willing to at least try to switch it up? Why was her comment. My last words to her was enjoy that last free sample "sweet heart", because the reason I can take you deep down the rabbit hole begging for Alice is because I have a deeply dark submissive partner in my mind to go with the alpha.

It was an evening she had "one" orgasm because I edged her all night long (and spanked her and everything in between). Puppy dog eyes is what she had ...

I agree with you society loves to "man box" this all. I wish I had known what I knew now and did the therapy work 20 plus years ago, because I do know my life would have been different, but cest la vie.

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