Take a survey of how many men have a GP, actively go one, and manage their health, I believe you will see unless they have a job that requires them to do it. They don’t

If you surveyed 100 men, and after you removed the percentage that weren’t heterosexual, it will take you down (roughly) to 80–90. Of those 80–90, how many guys really desire and want to be a “daddy” in reality. My belief is 10–20% based upon the global male population with a hard view towards being religious or ultra-religious.

When it comes to kids on average, it is usually because the partner really desires a child. (not the use of average)

So 60–70% of the population, which given the cultural bias of men not wanting committed relationships, will take 3 steps back and 2 steps to the side behind a wall to avoid it …..

What are the chances that society and women are going to get a man to desire kids (T-9 months — 22 years), have a committed relationship (which may include marriage), and then actively manage their health from 18–death.

What some folks don’t realize is the stresses (physical, environment, and mental) are cumulative on the damage to the testes. So if you get a guy that fits that mold …. just the stress of having to perform sexually for making babies and the feeling of inadequacy of shooting blanks … raises the failure rate.

The whole Toxic Masc., MeToo, (and the good parts of women getting the equality that is a right and as such raising the expectations bar for committed sex and relationships) ….. means IMO further depressed rates

So now society will say suck it up butter cup get tested, and the hyper majority of men already feel threatened and don’t trust women already (because if they loved women truly would they do 1/2 the things they do).

So in Generation Z we may get to see a true power reversal in the end, of where I have the pussy I make the rules, gets converted into … My balls don’t shoot blanks my sperm is gold.

I have a horse farm and we do AI work … so I can observe the effects of stress on studs ….

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