Thank you! The point in the poem is with the equality of the sexes, one of the biggest underlying perceptions is that women don't get to understand the feeling that men do when "they take" their partner.

You have a lot of articles about it being a harmful practice (and the authors can be right, because it is about consent and love and being trusted in doing so.

One would wonder if in a positive sex world, if before heterosexual engagement if women had to first peg their partner before he could have intercourse, would men be more careful and focused on consent and taking care of their partner.

IMO, if a guy is really into anal sex with his woman, he should definitely be required to feel the end of the stick per se.

There is a joy in vulnerability that is awesome and men should feel what women feel too. I half wonder if more of this happened, and less stigma to this kind of pleasure being oriented to sexual preferences, if people would learn to treat people like people better.

As for transgender women, definitely. Personally, if I had a partner that was transgender I would never shame her and her biology. If she wanted to stay intact I would support that 110%. Her parts are never disgusting "ever". We could have fun playing with it in a consensual and loving way.

Men are disconnected from themselves and all of their masculinity and also femininity since we have both spirits within us. If guys are to heal they have to embrace both and pick the most positive of both.

I do know if it wasn't for therapy and also having my therapist have me concentrate on self love with transgender women, I would have never have healed.

They saved me as much as feminism as much as therapy. Why? Because they made my really strong masculinity stand up and (the authentic bits).

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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