Thank you for sharing something intimate between two twin sisters. I had two aunts that were twins (identical looking though).

What was interesting is while they looked the same their personalities were different. Sadly the more "alpha" of the two passed earlier then the first, due to the stress my guess.

After that happened, the other one lost a spark.

So it is pretty amazing what you shared!

But it reminds me of this as I age ...

Beauty fades, but personality lives forever.

It reminds me of a comment as I was on the early list for Lasik surgery at the Cleveland Clinic (1999).

I was asked do you want to be able to preserve seeing far or near, as we are sure you will have to pick.

My comment was I want to see near? The guy doctor looked at me and said you are fit. Don't you want to be able to see and do sports and all that with no issue.

My comment was. When I get older I want to be able to read without glasses, since books and stuff like that will matter far more then being a jock.

I laugh now when I see people, because, if you get LASIK and they warn you about star-bursts, that was a phrase I used since the surgery I had went ok but I had complications.

Ever light had a star (think like a Xmas tree), but I thought it was cool as I enjoyed the new view. I also laughed and said (as I wear glasses now), gee look at how great the surgery went for me ... I get to wear glasses baby, just not coke bottle.

Hmmm Coke ... where is that rum :)

Thank you for sharing your personal family history!

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