Thank you for sharing your inner stress and pain. I had a cousin who didn’t come to Thanksgiving this past season, calling out she was ill. I suspect it is due to the relatives with kids and the family doting over them.

I don’t have kids (was asked over and over and given the look) for years, so I get that aspect. She is an independent woman, traditionally oriented and in pain because it never happened. I helped a partners horse friend migrate a Mac and fix a bunch of things. A mother/daughter who spend their time between two states were there and we had numerous discussions. She was tech curious so I shared “how to fix/fish” so she would have extra knowledge. She shared we was nearing 30 and she had given up dating and implied the mating aspects. She seemed smart and together, not the most beautiful per societies standards, but if I were single and she sat down I would talk to her and there was enough mental stimulation, dinner and drinks and conversation would have happened and who knows.

Her comment was wow … you are a feminist and are a Republican and respectful … I responded … I have baggage and issues but it is what it is.

I have seen a few others women out (I am a happy talker in person) and it seems sad since I have seen so many memorable women that are solo, and it seems not by choice.

My advice when asked is always keep your standards high, and you seem to satisfy the 2nd half, which is to keep your expectations in check (the harder of the two).

It seems my gender somewhere around 2002–2008, started to check out enmasse, and it is my personal belief over the past two years with the social and political outrage … the disconnect will get worse and start to match up with the Japanese model. The Economist had an article which had a survey which stated 42%/44% (male/female) were virgins by the age of 35.

How do we fix? Dunno. But I will say you and many other female writers are just down right fantastic. As a person that is demisexual …. your writing like others provides a rich and warm view into a very deep and interesting soul.

Thank you again for the share.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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