Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could have unwound myself earlier so I could have had kids and raised boys to be fair and smart and giving and understand that core thing that needs to drive consent is respect.

There was a great meme out in the internet wild of two attractive women jumping on the Canadian Prime Minister and of course it was directed at how horrible Trump has treated women.

My comment was that like above, that boys this is what respect with consent looks like. Love yourself, don’t take advantage of others, be a strong and independent individual, help the weak, be clear, be concise and be engaged with one who you are attracted to. Once that is done you will have an amazing sexual and personal relationship far greater then anything that a movie could create.

I am now a feminist, which may make me even odder since I am a Republican now living in Texas ….. So like I like to say never judge a book by it’s cover …

Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to respond it was greatly appreciated.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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