Thanks for the article. It is interesting to me observing this from the male POV, because I know I lost quite a few relationships along the way because I had issues truly relaxing (due to real trauma not mentally made up), which led to relationship killing situation.

The best term I saw recently in a way would have been self gas-lighting.

The dirty secret to this whole madness is this:

If it doesn't happen in the early part of the dating to mating period, it will happen later.

Dead bedrooms, loss of desire, awkward silence.

For some it hits in 2 days, for other 2 months, for most 2 years. But ... once the big hormonal switch happens and people live and act ... years 3-7 that is when it creeps in.

You are absolutely right with your call outs and education. Does the guy truly relax and chill.

With equality getting closer and closer and things starting the balancing, I know "women" know there is a huge disconnect. The reality is articles like this will help women understand that men in a way are even more reserved when it comes to having sex in a repeat business sort of way, which for quite a few women is the perferred way.

As for horse breeding :), do you not see the mares that kick the shit and sometimes kill the stallion, because it actually does happen :)

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