That epically sucks. The thing I love about hair is the smell. Each person is unique and wonderful, and for me I chuckle because I have had several of my partners laugh and say. You know what I thought was weird but I liked in the long term?

The fact you would come up behind me and smell my hair (I would snicker too and say ... I like other areas too :) )

If you truly love women or care from them as a CIS-Het guy, you love "all of it" and not part of it. If you have a fear and want to break it, be open and honest with your partner at the time that you want to fight this battle and need help.

This IMO is the right way to deal with it. I sense since women have a far more "intense" nose on average than most men (but ha not all men or not all women you know #snicker), I sense most guys should appreciate women's sense of decorum.

Hair for men is God's joke. He takes away from areas where a man desires it, and places it in places that well you know .... he doesn't.

There is hair shaming on men too. I was in a facebook group where a woman of a man that was very stereotypical (ultra-rich white guy) made very public statements of how hair on men is just gross and went into great detail of a pool on a roof top about one of those men.

Not one woman said anything and a few cheered her on. So since she was a republican woman and I a liberal republican man, I stated.

So it is ok to body shame a person under certain conditions is what you are saying?

Let the troll fest being :D, and at some point I lost composure. I stated to flip the script, I stated I am glad she liked effeminate men, and must like to dominate them in bed so did that make her an alpha bitch? I know for a fact she posted how she loved her men aggressive and traditional, and the troll like dance happened.

At the end I stated, you can be free to have your preferences with the people you have in your bed, but to shame in public (with pictures) is highly toxic and she should grow up. I also stated, for guys out there to make note, this is a reverse example of how women feel when they are forced to shave or do things for your sexual preferences. Doesn't feel good does it.

So much absurdity, so much illogical, but you know what shame and blame and letting fear rule one another is a "bad" thing.

We should support each other and let people be as they are. I love having a goatee properly trimmed, but I hate bears that are scraggles. Why? It is a disease fest and if you are going to do this, you better clean it and maintain it, or else you are just spreading germs (and think about masks)

But I love shaving my face, I can take sandpaper and strong beard stubble from my face and make it baby smooth soft, to the point it is fun to touch.

As I shared before, I use a straight razor as much as possible now, so as to limit the profit of Gillette. The company that started the science and shaming of women in the early 20th century.

Your body, your right and like I stated, when you have hair on your legs it is far easier to tickle .... :)

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.