That is a beautiful thing. I am married but I always wonder if things end, how would I make that jump and deal with the scenario.

What I personally believe now is intimacy, shared pleasure, but if true intercourse and connection are to happen, it has to enthusiastically consented too.

That means you have "to know" the person (and respect them) before you dive in, and also feel comfortable with their sexuality and gender and outlook.

People will say that is crazy and conservative, but who the "fuck" wants a mutual masturbation at best intercourse section.

I am not nor have I ever been a prude, but the one thing I have realized with the personal work I did on being an authentic man, is whomever my partner is "has to deserve it" and be high value. This wouldn't be about flakiness or breadcrumbing someone along either.

The issue though is I know quite a few women from reading and talking to them have stated the trust is gone, so it will be interesting to observe (if that happens in my life).

Great article and analysis

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