That is what people don't seem to grasp fully yet. We are going to be in this cycle for the next 12 months. Yes one more year to go.

Why? It took 4-5 years to generate a vaccine for Ebola. Coronavirus already has vaccines in Horses and Dogs. We already spent time working on it over the last two decades.

But it stopped. Why? No money or profit motive. It takes $$$ to run a company to generate something with small returns. Folks will say let governments pay for it, but you know how much productivity has to be taken out of the system to make this happen?

You don't want to know. It is why it died and is only being done in one city in China, where it was funded by billionaires, the US Government on the cheap and China. No one else would do this. You know all those countries with single payer? Nope.

So people are speaking out for democratic socialism and other things, but the reality is this ... having work is a privilege, and job creation and business creation is even more fleeting then love in a CIS-HET relationship.

I have a strong belief that CA and NY and IL are going to get a full taste of the Midwest Blight from the 1980's through 2008 in the span of 2-4 years.

Weak Demand and no supply will be happening. When that happens the second horseman of the apocalypse will be running in full force. Folks will scream this is the worst thing ever, but in reality the folks in red and rural areas will say it is just another Tuesday for us. Suck it up buttercups.

Fear is 100% correct, but even if we tame that beast because only 50% of people are willing to take a vaccine and we need 80% for this virus to deal with it. That means 90 million people have to be infected and with a worst case death rate of 2-4% that means 1.8-3.2 million deaths until 12-18 months after vaccine launch.

Scary no? Folks need to learn to wear a mask, and moderate their use but also spend and support local and domestic economies with their spending.

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