That is why I wish when the doctor got someone to sue himself, that he had the DNA typed and the woman who had the abortion if she knew the father so he could have been sued as being complicit.

Can't go after the women via private methods? Super, go after the man and nail his ass.

The law just dumbfoundedly "Texan" at it's core. There are so many odd ball things in the state that anyone that lives here knows about this sadly meets up with the whole madness.

When I moved to Texas I started to get engaged with the Texas GOP and all that (I was a liberal republican ... i know oxymoron right). But every form I filled out had something on abortion and you know I voted no no and no consistently.

Then I realized it was a lost cause and restarted voted for democrats and then just switched. The problem is in some of my areas there is literally no DNC representation. It is a choice between alt right and the moderate/right.

So my view now is I never call them pro-life, I call them pro-birth, and god help them if I find out they are religious and please please please be anti-vax.

Then I hang them and now I can use a cultural relevant film to say ... look at you ... you are just like the followers in Midnight Mass isn't that special.

You should see the great offense women and men (it goes across the spectrum as you know being a Texan), when I compare 2A to abortion rights.

I say seriously how is a scalpel different than a bullet and gun? I have 1/2 wanted to say, if a woman shoots her self in the stomach wouldn't that be legal? My body is being invaded.

They just don't see the hypocrisy in the mirror at all.

All I can do is what I have done is vote opposite of the madness and fight now with my single voice and presence.

I do know if I had the gift of child birth, I would die first no matter what. That is my belief and my life but I would not impose that on another person. They should always have the choice.

As for the not-religious religious, those that force this don't believe in God's Gift of free will. Not believing or rejecting God's Gifts is considered a mortal sin ... and better yet it makes a person a judge over an act that is meant for him/her. So score two for the mortal sins ... which means per religious beliefs they hold dear to their heart as they are one step ahead of the woman who aborted the fetus/child. They win!

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.